Gingivoplasty and Gingivectomy in Pittsfield, MA

Periodontal (gum) surgery may be used for either restorative or cosmetic dental concerns. Usually, it is performed to treat patients who have advanced-stage gum disease (periodontitis). This occurs when bacteria and plaque get trapped in the pockets under the gumline. The buildup can lead to toxins that may impact your gums and the rest of your mouth, including your teeth, jawbone, and ligaments. Based on the extent of your condition, there are two types of gum surgery done at Western Mass Periodontics to treat periodontal disease — gingivectomy and gingivoplasty. A gingivectomy eliminates excess tissue, and gingivoplasty reshapes and improves your gums following gum disease treatment. At Western Mass Periodontics, we offer these surgical gum treatment options to our Pittsfield and Great Barrington, MA and surrounding area patients to eradicate advanced stages of gum disease and help restore the appearance of your smile.

An ideal candidate for surgery on the gums is an individual diagnosed with gum disease in the advanced stages, which cannot be effectively treated with a nonsurgical option. Generally, at this stage, the condition has begun to affect the roots of your teeth and may even be causing infection in your jawbone and muscles. You might have visibly swollen gums that are causing pain, loose teeth, or pus on your teeth and gums. Your gumline might be covering too much of your teeth (causing a "gummy" smile) or shrinking so your tooth roots are visible.

Before providing treatment, we will examine your mouth to decide which gum surgery will be best for you. Based on the type of gum surgery selected, we will talk to you about your anesthesia and sedation choices to help you stay comfortable throughout the appointment. A gingivectomy removes extra tissue and deep scales the enamel and gum pockets. Gingivoplasty, on the other hand, is performed to reshape and adjust recessive gum tissue.

After your gingivectomy or gingivoplasty, you may have pain or swelling in the treated areas. We will go over pain management and the best ways to speed up your recovery at home. We may prescribe pain medication or antibiotics to take after your surgery. Once your gums have healed, it is important that you follow a proper and effective oral hygiene regimen to avoid further complications with daily flossing and brushing. Bi-annual cleanings will help clean plaque and tartar that have built up on your teeth and stop gum disease from reoccurring. In your yearly dental exam at our Pittsfield or Great Barrington, MA office, we will check your oral health to ensure your gums have properly healed and the condition has been fully treated.

Surgery needed on the gums is usually deemed medically necessary, so your insurance provider will likely cover at least part of the cost. Before your surgery, a member of our team will talk to your provider to determine any out-of-pocket costs. To make your treatment easier to afford, Western Mass Periodontics takes several payment methods. At your consultation, we can go over estimates on cost and other financial information.

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Just finished my first complete implant procedure with Dr. Schmidt. All done. Perfect!!! Ready for the new tooth. This whole experience with Dr. Schmidt was excellent!! Better than I could possibly hope for. My previous five implants with different doctors were a mixed bag. Painful, unsuccessful and expensive. Not with Dr. Schmidt!! Fast, painless and 100% successful. Ellis Dental Clinic in Schenectady, NY quoted a price of $8,000 for this front tooth implant. Dr. Schmidt charged $2,600. A bargain and such a professional procedure. I have two more implants needed and I will be contacting Dr. Schmidt for them.

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The place was immaculate and so professional. Staff and doctor were courteous and informative.

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Gum surgeries like gingivectomy and gingivoplasty are treatment options offered at Western Mass Periodontics to eradicate advanced periodontal disease and restore your smile. To learn more, contact one of our offices in Pittsfield or Great Barrington, MA to schedule your consultative appointment.

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