Ridge Augmentation Surgery in Pittsfield, MA

Sometimes, when a tooth has been pulled, the remaining socket and the bone surrounding it break or do not heal correctly. This can create a deformity of the gums and/or an area of low density in the jawbone. If this happens, we may suggest a ridge augmentation. Also known as vertical or horizontal alveolar ridge augmentation, this procedure utilizes bone grafts to restore the alveolar ridge, which is the region along the roots of the teeth. The augmentation process will construct the bone back up to the initial width and height to prepare your mouth for a dental implant. A ridge augmentation may also be performed for aesthetic reasons to fix the look of your gums. At Western Mass Periodontics, ridge augmentation can be performed with multiple bone graft choices. Schedule an appointment at our Pittsfield or Great Barrington, MA office to find out more about ridge augmentation, implants, and other methods for mouth restoration.

Ridge augmentation may be right for you if you've lost bone density in the alveolar ridge of a tooth or teeth. This is usually due to complications following a tooth extraction. When the tooth socket doesn't correctly heal on its own, it may cause cosmetic flaws in the gums and mouth. If you want to develop the original shape of your gums or boost bone density to encourage a dental implant, ridge augmentation might be a suitable procedure to attain your needs.

Ridge augmentation is an outpatient procedure offered at both of our Great Barrington and Pittsfield, MA locations that will often be performed using some form of sedation. Your ridge augmentation can be done right after your tooth extraction or on its own if preferred. The first step is to set the bone graft into the socket where the tooth has been extracted. Following that, your gums may be smoothed over the graft before they are sutured closed. In some cases, the addition of a second substance to the graft may be required in order to create a space and elevation that matches your original appearance.

After your ridge augmentation, you need a responsible friend or family member to take you home and watch you for a couple of hours. You might have some discomfort or pain following your ridge augmentation. A member of our team will supply you with all your necessary recovery instructions, prescriptions, and diet restrictions to make certain you have a smooth recovery procedure. You should contact our office right away if you have any concerns or indications of an infection. You might need to schedule a follow-up appointment so we can monitor your recovery and take your sutures out. Typically, it will take approximately 4 – 6 months for the bone to heal before implant surgery can be carried out.

During your consultation, we will personalize your ridge augmentation program, exploring options like sedation and bone grafting to make sure you get exactly what you need. We will also discuss estimated prices for each option so your treatment best fits your needs and budget. Western Mass Periodontics accepts many payment methods and we may be able to help make your procedure easier to afford. For those who have dental insurance, a member of our staff will call your provider to determine your benefits and calculate your out-of-pocket expenses.

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Ridge augmentation can be quite helpful in rebuilding bone density and soft tissue loss that may occur following tooth extraction. We can improve your gums and utilize a bone graft to add the required structure for you to to receive an implant. If you are looking to restore your mouth and replace your lost tooth, then contact Western Mass Periodontics in Great Barrington or Pittsfield, MA to get more information about ridge augmentation.

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