Dental Implants in Pittsfield, MA

Seeking professional care for badly compromised teeth is vital to the overall health and function of the smile. To help Pittsfield, MA individuals safely contend with extracted or missing teeth, Wester Mass Periodontics is very happy to provide natural-looking dental implants for tooth restoration. A dental implant uses a sturdy post that acts as a substitute tooth root. A personalized dental crown, bridge, or denture fills in for the observable part of the lost tooth (or several teeth). If you experience missing teeth or require a tooth extraction, arrange an oral exam at our Pittsfield or Great Barrington, MA office and ask about your dental implant alternatives.

Customized implants are used to replace any number of missing teeth, from a single tooth to an entire arch. You could be considered an ideal candidate for dental implants if you suffer from tooth loss, need tooth removals, or are not content with your current restoration. Implants require adequate bone tissue, healthy gums, and a stable dental environment, so certain patients might need additional care before they qualify for dental implants. Dental implants might not be considered when you are an expecting mother, smoke cigarettes, or have particular health disorders. During your visit, we will help you decide if implants are a match for you and your needs.

The treatment for fixed implants consists of the careful placement of the implant and the securing of a lifelike dental restoration (like full-arch dentures, crowns, or bridges). As soon as the area is ready for treatment, it is numbed with oral anesthesia. Oral-conscious or IV services may also be utilized so you can feel more at ease throughout your appointment. The metal implant will be strategically secured within your jaw at a particular area and given time to fuse with the jaw through something called osseointegration. As soon as the treatment area has completely recovered (often 6 – 9 months afterward), we will set a custom fixed denture, crown, or full-arch piece and analyze the alignment of your biting surfaces.

Individuals who receive this treatment could experience minor swelling, bruising, and discomfort near the impacted region. Prescription or over-the-counter pain medication and ice packs may help ease some post-treatment discomfort. Once the metal post has fused with the jaw and the unique piece is set, it's necessary to keep up with a great dental hygiene regimen with proper brushing and flossing practices. When individuals come to Western Mass Periodontics for their twice-yearly dental visits at our Pittsfield and Great Barrington, MA offices, our team will utilize advanced dental instruments to clean their implants and assess the health of their tooth replacements.

Part of your dental implant operation or replacement could be covered by insurance, which varies by your program. A member of our team will reach out to your provider to help maximize your coverage prior to calculating any out-of-pocket costs. At Western Mass Periodontics, we believe it's important for everyone to get quality dental care, so we take an array of accessible payment alternatives.

I had a difficult situation with a set of prosthetics that I had done on the west coast. They had come loose since I moved East and I had been having a difficult time finding a dentist that could deal with this particular implant. On my first visit, they discovered that they didn't have the proper parts so even though they worked on me and took pictures, they did not charge me for that visit. By my second visit, the proper parts had been acquired and the procedure went off without a hitch. I'm so grateful for Dr. Schmidt and his crew for their patient and professional handling of a rather unique situation. I highly recommend this office especially if you are dealing with prosthetics and dental implants.

D.S. Google

Three extractions, as preparation for implants. Zero pain or discomfort. Zero pain or discomfort for the following days. Super hi-tech office. Super experience.

H.R. Google

I'm retired on a small pension. I was pleased that they came up with a treatment plant, including implants, that I can manage. The dentist and his staff were very nice.

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The staff is amazing! You never feel rushed. The staff and doctor seem to very comfortable around each other a nd the levity in the office makes for a very comfortable atmosphere. I had full dental implants and was thrilled with the results. I also know personally two friend s that had the same experience with this practice. I would highly recommend them

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I'm retired on a small pension. I was pleased that they came up with a treatment plant, including implants, that I can manage. The dentist and his staff were very nice.

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Owing to the developments in current dental treatments, there are a number of approaches to treating tooth loss with the lifelike visual appeal and function of dental implants. Our team is excited to provide implant-based restorative solutions as long-term tooth replacements to individuals in Great Barrington and Pittsfield, MA. To find out about your opportunities for restoring severely compromised or missing teeth, set up your appointment at Western Mass Periodontics as soon as you can.

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