Don't Let Your Gum Infection Get Worse

Don't Let Your Gum Infection Get Worse

We treat periodontal disease in Pittsfield, MA

Periodontal disease occurs when you have an infection in the areas around your teeth, such as your gums, tooth ligaments and certain bones. Dr. Schmidt specializes in creating comprehensive periodontal treatment plans for patients in Pittsfield, MA and beyond. If you're suffering from periodontal disease, don't wait to call us. We'll do more than just treat the condition-we'll fix the damage, too.

Call 413-445-4592 now to learn more about periodontal disease. You can schedule an appointment with our reputable periodontist in Pittsfield, MA as soon as possible.

3 reasons to start your periodontal treatment right away

You shouldn't put off scheduling a dental appointment if you have periodontal disease. Here's why:

  1. If left untreated, you can lose your teeth.
  2. Most periodontal treatments are simple procedures that can make a difference in your oral health right away.
  3. By speaking to a periodontist, you can learn how to keep your teeth healthy and prevent the disease from resurfacing.

Schedule an appointment today to get started on your periodontal treatment. Our dedicated dental team will work hard to restore your healthy gums.



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